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Media Analysis Study Compendium

Media Analysis Study Compendium

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Media Analysis Study Compendium is your ultimate wingman in the upper school Media world. Packed with flashcards, essay writing structures, and summaries of all the media theories you need to know, it's like having a personal media tutor in your pocket.

Our flashcards will help you master media concepts faster than you can say "cut!" And our essay writing structures will have your arguments flowing smoother than a Scorsese movie. With our summaries of media theories, you'll be analysing texts like a pro in no time.

But that's not all - we've also got drop-down lists to help you ace your assessments, and even Ted Talk suggestions to expand your critical thinking skills. And for those times when you're feeling extra stressed, our recommendation templates will make it easy to find a good book, podcast, or film to unwind with (because let's be real, who needs yoga when you can watch Netflix?).

So, whether you're studying for exams, trying to ace that essay, or just looking to improve your media literacy, Media Analysis Study Compendium has got your back. It's the study buddy you never knew you needed (but now can't live without).

Content includes:

  • ­­­­Organisation structures to assist with establishing sound study habits
  • Flash Cards to assist with learning Media concepts.
  • Terminology practice to enhance written assessments.
  • Structuring essays to improve flow, comprehension, the logic of the argument, and specificity of relevant textual examples.
  • Graphic organisers to assist with formulating and organising ideas.
  • Drop-down lists to assist with studying for exams and assessments.
  • Media theories are summarised to support the analysis of texts.
  • Notes pages to assist with organising ideas.
  • Recommendation templates are provided to record websites, books, podcasts, and films.
  • De-stress with colouring-in pages to calm the mind.
  • Ted Talk suggestions are given to broaden your critical literacy.


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