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Digital Notebook for use with GoodNotes

Digital Notebook for use with GoodNotes

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 Digital Notebook for use with GoodNotes

✏️ Looking for a colourful, easy-to-use digital notebook for students? This one's for you. Digital note-taking has never been so organised, easy, and efficient. Handwrite or type your notes, use premade templates and decorate your pages with matching stickers to help motivate inspire and organise your study. We offer the best digital paper templates, including Cornell notes, graph paper, lined paper, and coloured paper. In addition, you will receive digital note-taking templates to assist you with your study. The digital notepad templates include organisers for you to record your course vocabulary to help you learn the course terms, mind mapping templates, places for you to record recommended websites, films, and TV shows, a mood board, key date tracker, lesson key point tracker, assessment outline tracker, study card template and an essay structure helper. And what digital journal is not complete without digital stickers? You will receive over 90 brightly coloured digital stickers for GoodNotes and as PNG files for you to label your digital note-taking effectively,  visually, and in an appealing way, therefore helping you to study in the most effective way.

📙 Your purchase includes:

  • 1x PDF file (digital portrait notebook with hyperlinked tabs)
  • 15 x paper templates to duplicate as often as you need

Paper templates include:

✔️   Dotted graph paper template

✔️   Lined paper template

✔️   Lined graph paper template

✔️   Cornell notes template

✔️   Lined paper alternate grey fill

✔️   Half lined half solid pink

✔️   Half dotted half solid blue

✔️   Lined paper with grey notes heading

✔️   Half lined half solid grey

✔️   Grey solid paper

✔️   Pink solid paper

✔️   Green solid paper

✔️   Blue solid paper

✔️   Yellow solid paper

✔️   Blank

✔️   Bonus paper templates

📘 10  x planning templates to help you study. You can use these as many times as you want. The planning templates include:

✔️   Vocabulary/course terminology tracker

✔️   Key dates

✔️   Assessment Outline

✔️   Lesson Key points

✔️   Recommended viewing

✔️   Recommended websites

✔️   Mind map

✔️   Mood board

✔️   Essay structure

✔️   Study cards 


📗 Bonus, over 90 colourful, practical, and motivating digital stickers to assist you with study organisation.

  • All page dividers have images and text which are hyperlinked to the templates for ease of use.
  • All tabs are hyperlinked

📕  5 x Notebook covers

For use with GoodNotes, Notability, or any other PDF annotation app.  The notebook has been designed to work on any PDF annotation software, however, it is recommended that for best results you use an iPad with Apple pencil and use GoodNotes or Notability.

👀 The FILES you will get are:

  • 1 x PDF Hyperlinked Notebook
  • 1 x GoodNotes file with pre-cropped digital stickers
  • A zip folder with over 90 individual PNG digital stickers
  • A zip folder containing five journal covers
  • How to use guideline video in a zip folder. 


  • No physical product is mailed to you. This is a digital download only.
  • Due to the digital nature of the product, all sales are final, they cannot be returned, and there will be no refund.
  • This planner is for personal use only and cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes.

😊  Should you run into any issues when using your new digital product, please reach out to us.  It's important to us to make sure you are happy with your purchase and that the product is working well for you.

 The content, design, and product remain the intellectual property of Media and English Literacy Publishing.

  • When you purchase an item, you are granted a limited revocable license to print/download files for your own personal, non-commercial, non-transferable use only.

 By completing your order you agree not to resell, copy, duplicate, modify, publish, distribute, reproduce, transmit, create derivative works, or license any part of the files in any way to anyone, without prior written consent from Media and English Literacy Publishing.

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