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Media Codes Posters - Media Literacy Grades 3-10

Media Codes Posters - Media Literacy Grades 3-10

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Have I got a media literacy tool that's going to have your classroom SWAT-ing their way through any media text in no time! ( Really bad pun).

I present to you, the SYMBOLIC, WRITTEN, AUDIO & TECHNICAL CODES posters! Not only are they available in a large poster format to brighten up any classroom, but you can also print them out in A4 format so that your students can keep them close by, like a trusted sidekick in their fight against media manipulation.

By teaching students to use the S.W.A.T codes, they'll be able to effectively deconstruct any media text that comes their way. And let's be honest, with the media throwing more spin than a DJ at a rave, this skill is an absolute necessity.

These posters are perfect for Grades 3-10 as they're easy to understand and the colourful images will capture their attention. If you're thinking of expanding your media literacy arsenal, you can grab the whole bundle for an even bigger punch of media know-how!


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